Your Smart Home is Now Ready!

Control all your electrical devices at home from anywhere in the world with a simple App downloaded on your phone, or go a step further and automate the electrical devices in your house to perform exactly the way you want it.

Be able to change the automation with just a few clicks to suit your ever-changing needs. Set schedules for all your regular needs and sensor-based rules for other circumstances. And do all this at a very affordable price! Best of all, call for support either online or to the call center and have all your queries answered. A modular solution that you can add on features as you go and all products come with 2-year warranty. Why wait, make your home a smart home now!

How It Works ?

HomeSET has several components that together make up the solution. During setup, the different devices such as relays, keypads or sensors are setup one by one using the simple push button learn function and information of each device that is setup is then stored in the App and the Gateway. Each of the devices communicates with the Gateway during the learn process over a secure wireless protocol and the Gateway registers each one. Each device can be given any name to make it easy to identify. Once the setup is complete, the App is used to send commands to the Gateway and the Gateway in turn instructs the device to act accordingly. So if you have a light installed that is name ‘Porch light’ and you wish to turn this on, you would log into the App and then select ‘Porch light’ and press the ON button.

This command is sent to the Gateway over Wi-Fi if you are at home or over the Internet if you are away and the Gateway in turn instructs the relay name ‘Porch light’ to turn on thus turning that particular light on. Through the App, you can also set schedules and complex IF THEN rules. In case of schedules, the Gateway itself instructs the particular device or devices to perform the set of actions at the pre-set time and this process does not involve any actions by the user. Similarly, IF THEN rules set using sensors to trigger actions on devices is also a fully automated process. IF a sensor sends information that a certain condition is met to the Gateway, then Gateway in turn instructs the particular device or devices to perform the set actions. Say you want the Air conditioning to turn on when the room temperature reaches a certain degree, you could use a temperature sensor and set the IF THEN smart to perform this action. A combination of these processes can make the HomeSET solution a complex and very effective automation solution making the house a truly SMART HOME.

HomeSET Requirements

The following devices are required for HomeSET-Home automation

Mandatory Devices:
Wi-Fi Router(existing)
Box (Gateway)
Relay (1,2,4 or 8 swicthes)
Additional Devices
Occupancy Sensor.
Door Sensor

Mobile Platform
Homeset mobile application
Android application
IOS application

Stepwise Easy Installation

Step1: Unboxing the Gateway & Wi Fi

Unboxing the Gateway & Setup. Unbox the sealed box and take out the Gateway, power adapter and LAn cable provided. Please read the safety instructions in the installation guide provided before you start.

Step2: The Gateway & Power Supply

Insert the power adapter in the C type pin at the back of the Gateway. Insert one end of the LAN cable provided to the LAN socket at the back of the Gateway and insert the other end in one of the LAN ports of the Wifi router. Power on the Gateway. The LED will flash Green and then turn to a solid green if successfully connected to the Internet. If the LED turns red, please ensure the Wifi router has DHCP server enabled so the Gateway can connect to the Internet.

Step3: Download the APP & Create an account

Download the HomeSET by Tommaso APP from Android Play-store or Apple store. Click on 'Create an account' and enter the PIN given at the bottom of the Gateway. Enter a new username (your email) and new password and other details as requested. Once you finish creating your username and password, login with your new credentials

Step4: Replace the existing swicthes with the Touch Keypad / relay

Identify the circuit breaker of the switch you want connected to the relay / keypad. Switch off the breaker to ensure no power is flowing before you open the switchboard. After opening the Switchboard, identify the Line wire, generally connected to all the switches. Connect this to the pin marked L on the keypad / relay. Identify the neutral wire and connect it to the pin marked N on the keypad / relay. The load wire, which is the wire going from the switch to the light should be removed and connected to the pin marked O in the keypad / relay. Similarly all the output wires are to be connected to the O1-O8 on the keypad. In case of the relay, connect the pin marked S to the load of the switch. Turn on the power and check if the light is working by turning the switch on

Step5: Proceed for configurations

Login into the HomeSET APP on your phone and select Configuration. Select Enocean and then actuator and select light. Click on continue and then press the Learn button located on the relay 3 times. The light will flash and on the APP, the configuration should say successful. Test the ON / OFF feature on the APP to make sure the light turns on or off. Rename the Light to any name of your choice. Proceed to add Smart, Schedules and Scenarios after you have configured all your devices and sensors.

Your “MY HOMESET” App is ready!

Download your APP today – IOS / ANDROID & learn more from APP guide.

Our APP is designed with user friendly & rich format GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make end user feel comfortable & self-explanatory. This Native App is now available for download on both version IOS & ANDROID at respective play store. Links for download provided at bottom of this page. Look at our App Guide for self-support.



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