Little things to make life a lot easier, like a remote control, can change the way you turn on /off things. HomeSET helps alter your life style in ways you can only imagine by using Schedules for the regular things, Scenarios for a group of actions and Smarts for sensor based control. And all this is configurable by you, enabling you to make changes as you go


Rushing out of the house to catch a movie and not sure if all lights/fans/AC turned off!

How many times have you faced the situation where you are in a rush to go somewhere and you cannot remember whether you turned off the Air conditioning / Heater / fan / light in some of the rooms? With HomeSet all you need to do is create a scenario in which you turn off all devices and in a single touch, all devices are turned off.

Go to the bathroom and then realize that you forgot to turn on the water heater earlier!

You know that you shower every weekday between 8.15 and 8.30, but some days you forget to turn on the water heater early and have to manage with a cold shower. Worse, you forgot to turn off the heater and have left to office. With HomeSet, you can set a schedule that would turn on the heater automatically at 8 am on weekdays and turn it off at 8.30 automatically. Of course you can always change turn on manually from your phone if you need to alter the time on a single day.

The kids never turn off any lights / fans / air conditioner when they leave a room!

Nearly every household can relate to this as kids will be kids and nearly always forget to turn electrical devices off and this results in inflated electricity bills. With HomeSet, you can add motion sensors and create smart scenarios, where if there is no person in the room, all devices can be automatically turned off thus saving power and money.

Running late to get back to a dark home!

You are late getting back from office on a particular day and no one is home. The front lights are off and the entire house is dark. With HomeSet, you can turn on your front lights from remote even before you get home so you never have to come back to a dark home.

Your CCTV DVR needs to be turned off and turned on but you are not home!

You are not home and the DVR of your security system has hung. The support person asks you to turn off the DVR and turn it on again for it to come back alive, but no one is home to do this. With HomeSet, you can easily turn off the DVR and turn it back on with just a touch on the phone App.